A revitalizing mist spray, Ultra Lifting Essence helps damaged skin cells renew from within to produce visibly smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.
The Nature of the Problem

To understand healthy skin, we must first understand the needs and challenges of cells.  The human body is composed of billions of cells, which directly affect our health and appearance. Stress and environmental damage can harm our cells, and approximately one hundred million cells die each minute.

How does this impact our skin?  The cell’s main function is to remove waste and absorb nutrients, thus maintaining a delicate balance.  When our skin has lost approximately 30% of its cellular composition, the natural renewal process begins to slow down, and cell growth plummets. That leads to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.  Countless skincare products have attempted to reverse these signs, but there’s a big problem with almost all of them.  Literally.  The molecular size of the product is too large to permeate the cell.


A Veritable Ocean of Youth

Thanks to our Cellular Rejuvenation Factor – a nano-sized biological molecule that is 500 -1,000 times smaller than a cell – all Vimkon products deliver the following deep sea minerals directly into the cell nucleus for maximum effectiveness. Harvested from 2,000 feet below the aphotic layer of the ocean, these nourishing, 100% natural minerals are as pristine and uncontaminated as it gets. Using advanced technology, we then liquefy them into a concentrated, balanced solution with optimal bioavailability.

•  Stimulates protein synthesis
•  Facilitates energy production
• Helps maintain water balance
• Supports biochemical reactions
• Assists energy metabolism
• Helps maintain acid-base balance
• Provides antioxidant properties
• Increases skin microcirculation (anti-aging)
• Enhances condition of connective tissue
• Improves cellular growth
• Supports the immune system
• Protects against various tumors
• Provides antioxidant properties
• Boosts thyroid hormone metabolism
• Regulates cell permeability
• Normalizes skin cell’s differentiation
• Plays key role in cell protection
• Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis
• Scavenges free radicals
• Facilitates cell renewal
• Improves sebo-regulation (anti-acne)
• Fights inflammation

Pure Nature - Treasure of the Deep Sea

Vimkon -- The Power of Nature Vimkon -- Hidden Treasure of the Sea Minerals Found in Hawai`i Deep Sea
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