A revitalizing mist spray, Ultra Lifting Essence helps damaged skin cells renew from within to produce visibly smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin.
The Science of Innovation
Vimkon’s Cellular Rejuvenation Factor is unprecedented in that it works directly inside the cells to renew skin at the cellular level. Unlike most surface treatments that never reach the cells, this trailblazing factor contains a 1 micrometer solution created with the power of nanotechnology. As a result, its tiny molecular size can penetrate the nucleus of a cell with ease, bestowing a host of cellular benefits. For example, it can:

• Balance circulation in the inner cell
• Improve the release of oxygen
• Provide suspension to the organelles
• Regulate cell activity, shape and inner structure
• Delay the aging of the cell
Operation Skin Restoration
Because our Cellular Rejuvenation Factor can freely enter the cell, it is able to speed up the metabolic pathway to remove toxins, break up sediment and get rid of dying cells. In addition, the infusion of minerals and trace elements occurs at an incredible absorption rate that is four to eight times faster than normal. Deep inside the cell, these reinvigorating deep sea ingredients assist the cell in rebuilding its inner structure, restoring elasticity and fending off endogenous/exogenous damage. As if these internal results weren’t compelling enough, Ultra Lifting Essence has even been shown to improve wound healing on the surface of the skin.

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